New Orleans Awards

Hannah G. Solomon Award Recipients

This award is given annually to a community leader who exemplifies the qualities of Hannah G. Solomon, founder of the National Council of Jewish Women. Recipients selected are known for their interest, activity and stand on issues with which NCJW is in sympathy. They have brought about important community programs and services through their leadership in a volunteer capacity and each has been a catalyst for social change.

1966 *Rena Wilson
1967 *Margery Stich
1968 *Myra Soboloff
1969 *Thomas Godchaux
1970 *Olga Jackson
1971 *Edith Rosenwald Stern
1972 *Helen Mervis
1973 *Sarah Davis
1974 *Edith Schulhofer
1975  Jane K. Buchsbaum
1976 *Millie McClendon Charles
1977 *Sara Stone
1978 Flo Schornstein
1979 *Rosalie Cohen
1981 *Roy Schwarz
1982 *Barbara Lemann
1983 *Rosa F. Keller
1984 *Mike Brenner
1985 Norma Freiberg
1986 *Sunny Norman
1987 *The Honorable Joan B. Armstrong
1988 *Elizabeth Rack
1989 The Honorable Miriam Waltzer
1990 Diana Lewis
1991 *Grace Hudson
1992 *Donald Mintz
1993 Sybil Morial
1994 *Julanne Isaacson
1995 Pres Kabacoff
1996 *Dr Robert and *ShirleyHaspel
1997 Harry Blumenthal, Jr
1998 Eddy Rosen
1999 Hugo Kahn
2000 *Roger Bissinger and Marjorie Bissinger
2001 Barbara Herman
2002 Madalyn Schenk
2003 *Babs Isaacson
2004  *Moise and *Melba Steeg
2005 *Betty Wisdom
2006 *Inge Elsas
2007 Carol Good
2008 Phyllis M. Taylor
2009 Carol Wise
2010 *Nancy Marsiglia
2011 *Joan S. Berenson
2012 *Mary Keller Zervigon
2013 Ruth S. Kullman
2014 Dr Scott Cowen and *Marjorie Cowen
2015 Julie Schwam Harris
2016 Dr. Juan Gershanik and Ana Gershanik
2017  Kim Sport
2018 Susan Hess
2019  The Honorable Madeleine Landrieu
2021 Ina Weber Davis
2022 Judy Barrasso
2023 Anne Skorecki Levy

Harold Salmon Award Recipients

The Harold Salmon Sr. Award is named for a man who recognized the value of volunteerism, was strongly committed to the welfare of NCJW, and for many years served as a willing and able advisor to our fund-raising efforts. This award is presented to an NCJW member who has exhibited continued commitment to NCJW; who by being available time-wise, innovative and motivated, and who by working well with people and resources has proven an overall awareness of NCJW.

1979  *Margery Stich
1980  Sue Robin Weinhauer
1981  *Inge Elsas
1982  Celia Katz
1983  *Sara Stone
1984 * Gail Rubin
1985  Barbara Herman
1986  *Babette Isaacson
1987  *Julanne Isaacson
1989  Eddy Rosen
1990  *Barbara Bresler
1991  *Joan Berenson
1992  Cynthia Farber
1993  Carol Good
1995  Vicki Lazarus
1996  Beth Hershberg
1997  Dana Shepard
1998 *Aida Johnson
2004  Kathy Shepard
2006  Loel Weil Samuel
2008  Sue Singer
2010  Patricia Kirschman
2011  Shellye Farber
2012  Ina Weber Davis
2019  Barbara Greenberg
2020  Susan Kierr
2024 Barbara Kaplinsky


Emerging Leadership Award Recipients

The Emerging Leadership Award was begun at the NCJW national level for each Section to pay tribute to a member new to the NCJW scene who shows great promise for future leadership.

1989 Mimi Schlesinger
1991 Linda Warshauer
1993 Debbie Newman and Gale Pick
1995 Pam Cantor and Eve Herman
1999 Pamela Lyles
2008 Michal Fishman
2011 Michelle Erenberg
2018 Sarah Covert
2019 Maddie Fireman
2020 Alysse Fuchs
2023 Sara Lewis

President’s Award

The President’s Award is a special award given at the discretion of the Section President who feels that a particular person(s) have gone over and above the call of duty, and have been an invaluable asset to the Section.

1981 *Rose Lang
1983 JoAnn Kostik
1989 Carol Good
1996 *Aida Johnson
1997 Sue Singer
2003 Jeanne Smolkin
2004 *Nettie Thompson and Eve Herman
2007 *Phyllis Nitzkin
2010  Susan Hess
2015  Loel Weil Samuel
2016  Madalyn Schenk
2018  Sylvia Finger and Miriam Waltzer
2019 Vivian Cahn
2021 Dana Shepard and Kathy Shepard