Executive Committee

President: Gail Fenton Pesses
Vice Presidents:
Gail Chalew
Robin Giarrusso
Barbara Greenberg
Carol Newman
Al Page
Karen Sher

Financial Secretary: Alanna Rosenberg
Corresponding Secretary: Patty Barnett
Recording Secretary: Jody Braunig
Treasurer: Kathy Shepard
Asst. Treasurer: Tricia Kirschman

Ex-Officio Past Presidents:
Susan Hess and Barbara Kaplinsky
Honorary Vice Presidents:
Julanne Isaacson, Celia Katz, Florence Schornstein

Elected Board Members:
Benay Bernstein
Vivian Cahn
Tiffany Cotlar
Fran Dinehart
Lilli Geltman
Susie Jernigan
Lisa Heller
Ronda Kottle
Sara Lewis
Carole Neff
Tana Velen

2021-2022 Nominating Committee:
Chair Loel Weil Samuel
Ex Officio Chair Susan Kierr
Ex Officio Past President Susan Hess

From the Board
Maddie Fireman
Dana Keren
Jody Braunig
Kathy Shepard

From the Membership
Rollie Rabin
Julie Finger
Laurie Diamond
Susan Fielkow

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Please note that our Program Department was inadvertently excluded from the new 21-22 Blue Book Directory. The following committees are included in that department.

Programming VP Gail Chalew
Art Tours    Vivian Cahn
Artist Studio  Patty Barnett
Programming Benay Bernstein
Breast Cancer Program   Lilli Geltman and Nancy Pesses