Solo Cooking

NCJW, Greater New Orleans Section, and Hadassah present:
SOLO COOKING, over Zoom on Thursday, March 31, at 7 pm. This program is cosponsored by National Council of Jewish Women GNO, Hadassah of Greater New Orleans and New Orleans Council on Aging and has a fee of $10.Have you ever thought…
I get overwhelmed at the grocery store! I don’t have the time to cook!
Is this stuff really healthy? Every week I throw out more than I eat!These issues beset solo eaters all the time. Singles of all ages have the exact same problem— navigating a culinary arena that is not designed for them. Grocery shopping, menu planning, and scaling down recipes are a few of the many challenges solo cookers face every day.
Solo Cooking, which features Chef Abry Crosby and Registered Dietitian Kathrine M. Ruyle, will address these problems for anyone stepping into a kitchen—young, old, a family of one, or a family of many. Our presenters will answer your questions, give you healthy eating tips, demonstrate food prep ideas, and show you how to create simple, new meals from leftovers. Handouts of what to have on hand in your pantry and fridge will be waiting for you in the chat. Chef Crosby will end the session by demonstrating a few easy things to prepare that will tempt your palate and reignite your desire to cook and eat well at home.Submit questions for Abry and Kat in advance of the meeting to Or  for further information or questions, contact Benay Bernstein, or Laurie Frank at

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