Hannah G Solomon Award and Luncheon

Congratulations to Anne S Levy – 2023 Recipient

It is with great pleasure that we announce Anne S Levy  received the 2023 Hannah G. Solomon award on October.  This is the most prestigious award conferred by NCJW, going to an individual who has brought about important programs and services through their leadership in a volunteer capacity, are known for their interest, activity and stands on issues with which NCJW is in sympathy, and has been a catalyst for social change.

Anne so aptly fits this description. She is a Holocaust survivor who came to the United States in 1949, as a 14 year old girl. As an adult, she began to speak publicly about the horrors she had

Susan Hess, Hannah G Solomon Award Chair and Anne Levy, 2023 Hannah G Solomon Award Recipient

witnessed. She visited classrooms and talked to children about her experiences, and how hate can happen anywhere. She was especially motivated to speak out when David Duke, a neo-Nazi and grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, was running for senator and then governor of Louisiana. She confronted him directly, and had a lot to do with his defeat in both races.

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